Work fields



Kindergarten: the Kindergarten concept in Germany is quite different from what is offered in East Africa. Children are mainly playing in the Kindergarten and they enjoy having a free space to learn social competences. You should respect childhood as a unique period to learn by playing and by interacting. Stress resistance is needed as the days can be long and noisy.  You are learning about different pedagogical approaches and how to handle children of the age between 3 and 7 years.

Youth farm: a special pedagogical approach where farming , animals and gardening are used as attractors in an urban environment  to offer a social surrounding where pedagogical work can take part. You are learning about approaches in an area where a lot of youth is growing up without a closer touch to nature and where social problems and material deficiencies of some parts of the inhabitants need special offers for children and youth to be empowered.

People with disabilities:  Rural or urban , south or north , children or adults – people with disabilities are a part of each society. In Germany institutions are specialized to conceptualize models for participation of people with disabilities in all relevant social fields. As a volunteer you are working in the work surrounding of mentally, physically or psychologically disabled people to give them access to the work process. In the accommodation surrounding you are giving support in the livelihoods and the private sphere. You are sharing leisure time, preparing meals together, eating and spending time to the needs of those who need special care. You are learning about different approaches how to empower people and how to shape a society where inclusion is a major challenge to share social value.


Germany is a country where 20 % of the inhabitants have roots in other cultures. It is one of the major countries of destination for refugees. An intercultural society needs social and political institutions caring for diversity challenges and special offers for all those who don`t have the same language and residential status. Counselling is one approach , sharing of social offers or vocational training are other ones. As a volunteer working in the intercultural field you are learning about intercultural challenges and competences people and a society need.

Ecumenical church partnerships

Churches are strengthening the values of a society. As social actors and institutions with a historical responsibility they are working in Germany also in the field of international relationships. Volunteers are interested in international partnership work between German parishes and church districts and partners in countries of the global south.
You are  contributing with your  background and you are interacting with partner groups in the church district. Mutual understanding through international communication is supported by volunteer work.

Environment and global learning

Environmental centers are sensitizing for global learning and local action. They are part of a worldwide network of activists to challenge the big environmental problems like climate change and environmental friendly life styles.
You are part of the change maker spirit. As an environmentalist you are working practically with your hands to meet the demands of maintenance of the centers as well as with your brain to work out and to offer methods for environmental sensitization.


The protection of biodiversity is the major content of goal Nr. 15  of the UN sustainable development goals.  Nature conservation organizations are protecting valuable landscapes an endangered species. Animal sanctuaries are caring for dying breeds of farm animals.
You are learning about practical work approaches with nature conservation and biodiversity organizations. You are contributing with your interest in nature conservation concepts and their practical implementation in the field.

Service in Youth Accommodation centers

Germans are well-known for their passion to travel. Within Germany prices  for overnight stays in hotels are very high. A non profit organization the International Youth Hostel Association is offering affordable accommodation in nearly all towns of Germany. As a non profit organization they are giving services to members and  they are also standing for international youth encounter.
You are contributing with your interest for practical work. You are integrated to the maintenance section and you are working in the reception area to welcome international groups.

Old People`s Home

Germany is an aging society. A high percentage of people are 80 years and more. They are full of experiences but also have high demands in everyday life support. A lot of old people are living in old people`s homes or in nursing centers.

Volunteers are working in a field of work which will be soon upcoming in Africa as well. You need patience and the ability to listen to the old people. You are learning about a field of work which need a lot of empathy and understanding.

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