Christian Jensen Kolleg – Breklum

Volunteer Ester Nabaasa –responsible for the maintenance of a social shop which is not relying on payment by money but on exchange of items.

Support for the Environmental Section  at a Protestant Church Seminar Center

The Lutheran North Church is running a Seminar Center in a rural district in the lovely landscape at the West Cost of Schleswig-Holstein. Guests are hosted in the former missionary center. Seminar groups from the parishes as well as international audience. The volunteer is integrated to environmental activities, including responsibilities for the climate change exhibition. International volunteers are living and working together with a German co-volunteer.


Christian Jensen Kolleg

Christian Jensen Kolleg

Kirchenstraße 4
25821 Breklum


Gabriel Ikunda from Tansania:

I am  giving support  for the garden designing and maintaining an herb spiral, a small vegetable and cottage garden,also the support and preparation of general seminar offers as well as environmental issues and the monitoring of projects and exhibitions. Building services and events-experience in the field of sustainable building technology are for volunteers. The electric bicycles are handed over  by volunteers to guests. The volunteers have to get used to  the new and unfamiliar electro mobile technology, upload batteries and take small repairs.

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