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Volunteering in a workshop for handicapped people

Najjiba Katesi from Jinja

I currently volunteer with “die Ostholsteiner” a social Company in “Haus Brookkamp”. Here we work with people with mental disabilities to ensure that they are able to selfhelp and live on their own. In the house we have 30 clients who are in groups of 10 persons that is to say 3 goups, group 1 Blue, group 2 Red and Group 3 Green. This is a great systen where I get to interact, shop, eat and work with the clients. Like other staff members I play a supportive role in ensuring self reliance by the clients. As a social worker I feel this is a great system of integrating people with disabilities in the general society. I love being part of this transaction.

In the big moments like when one of the clients has a birthday, we make cake and coffee and we celebrate together as a group which is part of being supportive. As also another supportive component I take or escort the clients to entertainment activities like watching cinema. In summary therefore I work to ensure that the people are able to adopt to the day to day way of living by providing support where necessary.


Haus Brookkamp – Oldenburg

Haus Brookkamp Oldenburg
Die Ostholsteiner

23758 Oldenburg


Najjiba Katesi from Jinja:

As a volunteer, I hope to learn more on how the different systems work in Germany. Both at my work area and outside my work area so that I can  adopt those that can be applicable in my home country but most importantly make a positive contribution during the one year in Germany.

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