Op`n Uhlenhoff – home and life focus for people with disabilities

Voluntering in Germany - Belyse Uwamahoro is sharing for one year the rural life of the Uhlenhoff community
Op`n Uhlenhoff-Support and Life Skills for People in Need

Belyse Uwamahoro is sharing for one year the rural life of the Uhlenhoff community

The self-concept of societies can be appreciated with their ability to give access to social and economical participation to those in need of support. Living together with people with physical or mental  disabilities and participating  in social processes is a challenge in  societies worldwide. Concepts within Germany  are differing and between the different countries as well. For those convinced working as staff member in institutions where handicapped people are getting support it is a strong impulse to think in how far concepts are ready to be transferred to Africa.

The institution is organized around an old farmhouse complex in the rural surrounding of Kiel. It is necessary that participants like to arrange with rural life in Germany and the special culture of staying at the country side.


Op`n Uhlenhoff – local NGO

Werk- und Betreuungsgemeinschaft Kiel e.V.
Sozialtherapeutische Hofgemeinschaft “Op`n Uhlenhoff”
Schinkelhüttener Weg 18
24214 Schinkel


Belyse from Kigali:

belyvse is a volunter in germanyBelyse is working and living together with about 30 adults with special needs. She is sharing a part of their live and she is a part of the rural community of the Uhlenhoff. At daytime the participants are used to stay  in workshops outside. In the morning and after work they need support in every day life. Cooking and eating together, playing and enjoying leisure activities is a part of Belyses work which is organized in early morning and evening shifts.

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