Volunteering in a workshop for handicapped people – Oldenburg

Volunteering in a workshop for handicapped people


Social work for handicaped people

Peter Mugulusi came from Jinja at the shores of Lake Victoria to Eutin  the district town of East Holstein to learn more about the challenge to integrate  handicapped people to the labor market.

The self-concept of many Germans is dedicated to a focus  closely related to their work and competences in the labor market. All those with limited access to the labor market are coping with obstacles to participate in the society.  Handicapped people need specially shaped approaches to get access to the labor market and  appreciation in the society. die-ostholsteinerTherefor social enterprises are created which are working on the one hand as institutions of social work and on the other hand as production units competing in the market for industrial products and services.

Peter is giving handicapped people support to meet the challenges of their work space. He helps them  to receive estimation for their contribution to the production of the enterprise and a social surrounding in the team which helps them to feel as social beings.

Among his colleagues and the participants of his volunteer placement  Peter is recognized as a volunteer from Africa who wants to open up his horizon to take new concepts for work and life back home to Uganda.

Die Ostholsteiner – local NGO

23758 Oldenburg


Peter Mugulusi:

I am working  with die Ostholsteiner Werkstatt under the department of the Tagesforderstatte (daily care center).It gives care to disabled people (handcappedpeople) like giving them breakfast,lunch and eveng drinks while at their work.
They make them walk around through their wheel chairs. They give them pyschological treatment,reflexology. They teach them to work. We brush their teeth every after eating.

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